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Opening Day and “The King”

Well, it looks like we will be opening this week!  We have had some warmer weather and everything is ripening up nicely.  We do just want to make sure you are able to get the amount of berries you want and have the best experience possible, so please call before you come out.  If we have a busy morning with 20-30 customers, all the ripe berries will get picked and we will close early for the day.  We will open again once enough ripen up.  Our plan is to be open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8-8.  Our prices will be the same as last year.    U-Pick price is $4.00/lb. and Pre-picked are $6.00/lb.

And now on to the King….Elvis is in the building….or I guess in the field!  As the black raspberry plants ripen, the berry in the center of the cluster ripens first and is the largest.  It is called the king berry.  You can see the progression in the pictures.  Once all hint of red is gone, that berry is ready to pick.  And ooohh, it is so good and juicy!  But don’t forget about the others…they will ripen soon after the king and they taste good and sweet too!

PicMonkey Collageking3