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A New “Paige” in the Ruffwing Farms Chapter

We have a new addition to our farm….a Border Collie pup that Emma named Paige.  John and Emma drove to Illinois to get her, and came up with her name on the way back.    Emma always has her nose in a book, so she was reading on the way home from Illinois with the puppy in her lap.  The pup kept turning the pages of her book and playing with the pages, so Emma said, “How about Paige for her name?”  It seemed fitting for our book-lover and dog lover, so that is her name.











She is a sweet puppy with a very nice temperament.  She is kenneled in our house but heads outside with us many times a day.  She runs through the grass back to the barn and loves to jump at the low-hanging apples on our trees on the way.  She sometimes gets one off the tree and is so proud of herself.  Paige has met the chickens and seems to already herd them back to their pen.  She has also met the cats and they are getting along pretty well.  John is excited to see how Paige does once we get sheep.  Paige has been a nice addition to our family!




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Red Raspberries Available!

We now have red raspberries from our hoop house available!  They are so good and sweet!  We are only offering them pre-picked, and the pricing is  $6 per pound (which is about a quart.) Call to place an order, and we can get them to you within a day or two.  They are great to freeze and pull out later for desserts, and they make great jam.  The kids are heading back to school, so I’ll be waiting to hear from you!  740-536-7853