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If You Give A Man Some Land….

It has been awhile since we have posted about our farm.  We have been busy with the girls and school plus just everyday life.  We had a wonderful fall and beautiful Christmas….and now it is time to start thinking about our next berry season!  John and I were out the past couple of days pruning and weeding in the black raspberry field.  We have also had a few more additions to our farm this fall…well let me tell you about it in a story…this story is in the style of the popular children’s book  If You Give A Mouse A Cookie….


If you give a man some land…..










then he will say, ” I am a farmer.  I need a barn.”








After he builds a barn, he will fill it with tractors and stuff and say, “I need to plant something.”

So he will plant black raspberries.







He likes to eat the fruit, but he gets hungry for more, and eggs sound good, so he gets some chickens.








There will be mice who like to live in the barn and dig in the raspberry field, so he will get some cats.

Little Foot checking out the bird box!

He will also want some water on the land, so he will build a wetland.









Then, he will say,  “The weather is getting colder.  I could use a wool sweater.  Let’s get some sheep!”




But then he will worry  about keeping those sheep safe.  He will decide he needs a llama to protect them.




Then that man decides he doesn’t want to walk so far on the land to bring those sheep to the barn at night, so he gets a Border Collie pup to help him.



That Border Collie pup he calls Paige, and she helps him so much.  She runs, and listens, and loves the farm.  The man thinks she is great.


But if you give a man a Border Collie pup, he may want some more land to go with it.