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Fresh Lamb and Red Raspberries Now Available

We now have pre-picked red raspberries available.  They are $6/pound.  Give us a call and we’ll put your name on some until you can get to the farm to pick them up.  740-536-7853.  They are a mix of varieties:  Joan J, Polka, and Prelude.  Some are smaller and sweeter, and some larger and great tasting, too!



Also, we are now offering fresh lamb.  These lambs are 60-80 pound lambs. All cuts are packaged and ready to go.

Ground lamb:        $7.00 per pound

Lamb Chops        $12.00 per pound

Lamb Stew Meat  $9.00 per pound

Lamb Shoulder Bone in or Bone Out  $9.00 per pound

Leg of Lamb Bone in or Bone Out     $10.00 per pound

Leg Steaks          $10.00 per pound

Rack of Lamb    $12.00 per pound

Whole Lamb available upon request.  Call for pricing.







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Tuesday, July 1

We are open today (7:30-5)  to pick black raspberries!  Come early to beat the heat!  But don’t curse the heat–it helps those berries turn from red to burgundy to beautiful dark purple to black!  We’ll see you at the farm.