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Fresh Lamb and Red Raspberries Now Available

We now have pre-picked red raspberries available.  They are $6/pound.  Give us a call and we’ll put your name on some until you can get to the farm to pick them up.  740-536-7853.  They are a mix of varieties:  Joan J, Polka, and Prelude.  Some are smaller and sweeter, and some larger and great tasting, too!



Also, we are now offering fresh lamb.  These lambs are 60-80 pound lambs. All cuts are packaged and ready to go.

Ground lamb:        $7.00 per pound

Lamb Chops        $12.00 per pound

Lamb Stew Meat  $9.00 per pound

Lamb Shoulder Bone in or Bone Out  $9.00 per pound

Leg of Lamb Bone in or Bone Out     $10.00 per pound

Leg Steaks          $10.00 per pound

Rack of Lamb    $12.00 per pound

Whole Lamb available upon request.  Call for pricing.