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Open in the afternoon Tuesday, June 30th

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!   I know we’ve all had it with the rain….but the berries don’t care!  They soak it up and get juicy and need to get picked!  We have a few things going on in the morning on Tuesday, but will open at 1:00 p.m.  Yes, there is rain in the forecast, but you can wait it out in the barn between heavier showers and head out to pick when it lets up!  Let’s be positive!  At least it’s not snow!

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Open Monday, June 29th

We hope you had a great weekend!  We will be open for picking black raspberries Monday, June 29th at 8:00 a.m.  We hope to see you then!  IMG_1177PaigeyAnd Paige, the Border Collie, really wants to see you and lick you and jump on you and have you pet her too!

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Open Saturday, June 27th!

Yes, it’s a little crazy with the rain, but we have decided to open tomorrow.  After going through the field, we see enough ripe berries that we don’t want to wait!  So come on out Saturday morning, rain or shine!  We open at 8:00 a.m. and will stay open until availability gets low, so always call before coming out especially if you were planning on coming later in the day.  Hopefully the heavy rain moves out tonight!  See you then!


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Open Thursday

Our next open day for black raspberry picking will be

******************Thursday, June 25*****************

We will open at 8:00 a.m. and stay open until we get picked out.

Hope you can make some “thyme” to come out!


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Our Next Berry Picking Day and a Farm Tour

We had a great berry day on Monday!  People were a pickin’ and a grinnin’!!   The field did get picked out, so we will need to let more berries ripen up.   So….that means either Wednesday or Thursday we will be ready for customers again.   We will look through the field today and make a decision.

If you want to come to the farm today, we will be hosting a farm tour in conjunction with the local OSU extension office.  It is from 6:30 to  7:30 and will include a tour of our farm (the sheep, berries, barn, hoop house, etc.)   And John will talk explaining our farm operation.


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We are open!

We decided to open for a bit today!  Of course we decided yesterday when we hadn’t listened to the weather forecast!  Rain, light rain, heavy rain, then more rain….we will be here if you want to try it!  You can come to the barn to take a break from the weather and visit with our Border Collie, Paige!  Because the only thing better than picking berries in the rain is a wet dog.    After today, we will open again on Monday…and of course we haven’t looked at the weather forecast…but berries can’t wait!  Come and get them!



Always remember to call our phone number before coming out for the latest updates…740-536-7853

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Berry Season June 2015




Wow!  Has a whole year passed since I last posted?  Almost….Well, hopefully you knew how to get a hold of us if you needed.  I have been busy with this thing called “going back to work.”  I know…I know…millions of women do it and handle it fine…I guess I’ve handled it, but my house, my meal planning, and the “extras” on our farm (like Facebook,  website posts, my family) have taken a back seat.  So, here we are….the beginning of June and another black raspberry season almost upon us.  I am posting to remind you of how the season goes.  This is a re-post from last year at this time, but things will work pretty much the same way.  We expect to be open  sometime between the third and fourth week in June.  It all depends on rain, heat, humidity….

**I will update our sites (Facebook and and our phone message telling when our opening day will be.   (740-536-7853) We have a lot of people call each day to hear the updated message of when our opening day will be.  I will say the day and date on the message so you know that the update is current.

**When we are open, we usually have a large number of customers come in the morning to pick, since it is cooler.  If we have a large number of people come, our field may get “picked out” (all the ripe berries get picked!) and so we will close. As soon as we make the decision to close, I will update our phone message.  So we always tell people to call before coming out.

**We have to give 2 or 3 days for more berries to ripen before we open again, so keep checking when our next open day will be.

**We have waxed boxes for you to pick berries in, which are yours to take.

**We have an acre of black raspberries.  They are trellised up on wire for easy picking.  We keep the rows between the berries mowed, too.  When people ask what they should wear, I tell them they can wear shorts and flip-flops if they want.  The berry plants are thorny, so your arms and fingers may get poked, but it’s not too bad.  There isn’t any shade in the field, but you can come to the barn and get out of the sun.

**We have a sink in the barn to wash your hands and splash cold water on your face.

**Our black raspberry season lasts between 2 and 3 weeks.

**Our prices are: $4.00/lb for U-pick, and $6.00/lb for pre-picked.  We do have limited availability on pre-picked berries.


We will see you all soon!  And in the meantime, I will try to get things cleaned up around here!IMG_9736