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Say “Cheese!”

Ok everyone, this is it! After months of milking, cheese-making, testing, trying, revising recipes and figuring this all out…….we have our first cheese ready! It is a soft-ripened sheep milk cheese. To me, it seems like a mix of cream cheese and feta. We have plain (which we love with preserves or hot pepper jelly) or we have some rolled in garlic/herb spices. They are $10/round (which is 1/2 pound of cheese.) Give us a call here at the farm and we will have them reserved for you, and we will also be bringing some into the Keller Market in Lancaster. (Or we will deliver it to you! We want to get the word out!) We have some hard cheeses aging in the cheese cave, and they will be ready later this summer. All of our cheeses are named after our girls. So this first one is made on Tuesdays and named after Emma, so it is Tuemma. Call today to try it! 740-536-7853