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2016 Opening Black Raspberry Day Soon!

Well, the time is finally here!  We are watering the field and waiting for the warm weather to ripen the berries!  We are expecting it to be sometime this week.  I’d like to say the end of the week, but with the warm weather, it could be sooner…keep checking our website, Facebook, or our phone message to see!



Each year, I say I am going to keep up with our website over the winter….and then life takes over and I don’t get to it!  Here are some pictures from this spring of a few things on the farm:

Our old llama died over the winter, so we have a new llama and alpaca.  The llama’s name is Jack and the alpaca is Dusty.






We also have new babies….or lambs as John insists on calling them.



This is a picture of my favorite new baby:

IMG_2029babyOh wait these two babies are my favorites:












Or maybe this one:




Well anyway, we have new lambs.


I will post more pictures and info about new things happening on the farm as I update our U-pick times this week.


We hope to see you soon at the farm!  Dusty will be waiting!


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Blues and Reds

We are not “blue” that our U-Pick Black Raspberry season is over….we just have a lot of blueberries!  And red berries!

If you would like some of these, give us a call!  We pick daily, and if I don’t get an order that day for berries, I wash and freeze them, just to be sure they are at their freshest. They are great to pull out later for jam, jelly or pies.   So, we have:

***Blueberries…….frozen for $6.00/pound

***Red Raspberries…….fresh or frozen for $6.oo/pound

Also, remember we always have fresh eggs and fresh lamb.  Give us a call to put your order in, and we will get everything ready for you to come out and pick it up.

IMG_1191blues IMG_7219


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Open Tuesday, July 7th

And……one more day!  We will open Tuesday, July 7th, at 8:00 a.m.   There are still some berries!  You have to get low and in the plants, but they are still there!  The forecast calls for rain by afternoon, so come early and get some berries!


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Happy 4th of July

We are closed today, the 4th of July.  We plan to re-open Monday, July 6th, but check back and/or call our number to be sure!  Thanks for a great berry season so far!  We hope to squeeze in a few more days before the season is over….black raspberries are only on for about 2 weeks.

We will leave you with some inspiration for what to do with your berries.  The McCormick’s from Baltimore, Ohio, sent us a picture of the pie they made with the berries they got from us.  Wow!  Talk about picture perfect!


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Open Wednesday, July 1st


We will be open on Wednesday, July 1 at 8:00 a.m.

**There are berries to pick! You have to look in the middle of the plants and down low…but they are there!

**After we get “picked out” tomorrow, we will close for a day or two. Our next open day will either be Friday, July 3rd or Saturday, July 4th. We know it is hard when you are trying to plan with work schedules and other things….we are close to the end of our 2 week season. There are red ones to ripen, but we just have to see when they will be ready and which day will be best for picking.

IMG_9813sheep IMG_8682eggs2 IMG_8192

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Open in the afternoon Tuesday, June 30th

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!   I know we’ve all had it with the rain….but the berries don’t care!  They soak it up and get juicy and need to get picked!  We have a few things going on in the morning on Tuesday, but will open at 1:00 p.m.  Yes, there is rain in the forecast, but you can wait it out in the barn between heavier showers and head out to pick when it lets up!  Let’s be positive!  At least it’s not snow!

IMG_9542 IMG_8760

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Open Monday, June 29th

We hope you had a great weekend!  We will be open for picking black raspberries Monday, June 29th at 8:00 a.m.  We hope to see you then!  IMG_1177PaigeyAnd Paige, the Border Collie, really wants to see you and lick you and jump on you and have you pet her too!